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School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

National University of Science and Technology, Pakitan.


The number of cybercrime threats has grown tremendously due to the significant use of World Wide Web (WWW) by the community, because everyone is getting online now. Recent surveys show that about 80% of Web based attacks are being deployed at the application layer of OSI model and more than 90% of Web applications are vulnerable to these attacks. Network level Firewall, IDS, IPS isn’t enough due to their limitation of not checking HTTP traffic passing through them.

Web Application Security Group (WASG) at NUST-SEECS come up with a solution named Semantic based Application Level Firewall. In it WASG combined the two different domains i.e. security and semantics to provide the solution.


  • Automatic generation of attack signatures
  • Protection for zero day attacks using rule based reasoning
  • Easy update of knowledge base for new attacks


  1. DTS, Japan
  2. True Meridian, Islamabad
  3. Kualitetam, Lahore

Project Director: Dr. Hafiz Farooq Ahmad

Co - Project Directors: Dr. Khalid Latif, Dr. Fauzan Mirza

Group Members: Muhammad Ali Hur, Abdul Razzaq, Muddassar Masood, Nasir Haider, Syed Mishal Murtaza

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