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  • Research Fellowship (July-September 2006), Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Government of Japan.
  •  Commendation Letter for Teaching Excellence by Director General
  • Gold Medal: PAS/COMSTECH Gold Medal by Pakistan Academy of Sciences for the year 2005 for contribution to research in Computer Sciences and Information Technology.
  • 2nd Position in  Top Three Demonstration Awards 2005
  • Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent System 2005 (AAMAS 2005), Netherlands
  • Certificate of Appreciation: Key role in developing research linkages between Japan and Pakistan,  as well as contribution to the  development of  SAGE by President Communication Technologies, Sendai, Japan (2004)
  • Star Laureate for Research contribution in IT: South Asia Publications for the year 2004.
  • The 2003 EU Descartes Prize as a member of the team Led by Dr. Steven Willmott of the Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya, the Agentcities. The team entered the Agentcities project, the first global network credited with providing tailored services to internet users. The team comprised  researchers and students from more than 15 research organizations and universities worldwide.
  • PhD Scholarship (1998-2002), Government of Japan.
  • Fellowship for MPhil (1992-93), Government of Pakistan.
  • Merit Scholarship in MSc (1988-1990), Government of Pakistan.

  • CHAPTER in the BOOK:

      • H. Farooq Ahmad, Hiroki Suguri, Arshad Ali, Amina Tariq, Amna Basharat, "Scalable fault tolerant Agent Grooming Environment (SAGE)", a chapter in the book “Architectural Design of Multi-Agent Systems: Technologies and Techniques” Editor: Hong Lin, Department of Computer and Mathematical Sciences, UNIVERSITY OF Houston-Downtown, USA (2007), Publisher: IGI Global (May 31, 2007), pp143-172, isbn-10: 1599041081.
      • Sarmad Sadik, Arshad Ali, H. Farooq Ahmad, Hirkoi Suguri, “Honey Bee Teamwork Architecture in Multi-Agent Systems”: Computer-supported Cooperative Work in Design III, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Volume 4202, pp. 428 - 438, March 2007.
      • Hiroki Suguri, H. Farooq Ahmad, Maruf Pasha, Naeem Khalid, “Foundation for Autonomous Semantic Grid”, a chapter in the book “Grid Computing”, Nova Science Publications, USA (2008), pp.151-191, isbn: 978-1-60456-404-4.
      • Saba Mahmood, H. Farooq Ahmad, Hiroki Suguri, “Multi-Agent Applications with Evolutionary Computation and Biologically Inspired Technologies: Intelligent Techniques for Ubiquity and Optimization” (accepted for publication as a book chapter in 2009
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